About Chicago WebDocent

Chicago WebDocent (CWD) is a collaboration among eight Chicago cultural institutions, the Chicago Public Schools, and the University of Chicago to develop curriculum materials utilizing the collections of the museums.

The collaboration brings together the experience of Chicago Public School teachers, the curriculum development expertise of the University of Chicago, and the extensive resources available at the museums. CWD curriculum materials have a common "look and feel," and include engaging activities with embedded assessments designed to help students meet the State of Illinois Learning Standards.

Feedback on CWD

"The WebDocent is a magnificent teaching tool. It is the ultimate Technology Integration Model." -- Carol Zigulich, Hendricks Academy

"The modules are flexible and allow teachers to incorporate them into their classroom lessons in a variety of ways, the most important being through engaged learning activities.The curriculum is written by teachers ... and we have used our experiences in the classroom to make these modules engaging, challenging, and worthwhile for both students and teachers. " -- Pam Greyer, King High School

"Children and teachers alike will be hooked - children because the tours and activities are presented via the computer; teachers because of the variety of ways in which the tours can be used within the classroom or the computer lab and that the tours will meet the needs of a variety of students.... In addition, the tours focus on content that is not readily available through other curricular sources. -- Mary Ellen Dairyko, Ray School

CWD represents "a chance for MSI to partner with the Chicago Public Schools in a way that encourages access to our artifact collections. We have so many types of collections to offer: communications, transportation, biology - we welcome the chance to expose them to a wider audience - especially school children. WebDocent fits in perfectly with one of the tenets of our mission statement: 'Collaborate with the community and with civic, educational and scientific organizations to achieve shared goals through Museum programs and activities.' " -- Laura Graedel, Archivist, Museum of Science and Industry

"I used the History of Transportation in Chicago module as an integral part of our study of Chicago. There was so little good information out there that was written at a third grade level, so this was an area of great need - long overdue. Most teachers have had to do research and create or adapt material for student use. Students really enjoyed the tours and learned a lot." -- Catherine Ditto, Ariel Community Academy

"...appeals to hard-to-reach kids who won't pick up a book." -- Mary Cobb, Ray School

CWD Staff

  • Julia Borst Brazas, Director julia@uchicago.edu
  • Sean York, Creative Director
  • Mitchell Marks, Technical Advisor

The Cultural Institutions

The cultural institutions involved in this collaboration are:

The Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum
Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago Historical Society
DuSable Museum of African American History

The Field Museum of Natural History
The Museum of Science and Industry
The Newberry Library
The Oriental Institute

Chicago WebDocent is a collaboration of

Adler Planetarium

The Field Museum

The Newberry Library

Chicago Historical Society

Museum of Science and Industry

DuSable Museum

The Oriental Institute

Chicago Public Schools/University of ChicagoInternet Project

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